Virginia DMV Point System and Penalties

DMV Point System ensures safety on the road which empowers the police to monitor and rectify way of driving. When you are charged for violation of traffic, some number of points are added to your driving record depending on the intensity of violation, which will remain intact for two years. It is essential to learn Virginia DMV Point System and penalties to refrain from committing traffic offense.

When you receive a traffic ticket regarding your offense, some demerit points are increased which have an adverse effect on your driving privilege, and you may lose your license for six months. Virginia DMV Point System and penalties are classified into 3 types of points, that is, three points, four points and six points. When the offense which is committed is of severe nature, such as, reckless driving or driving while intoxicated, more negative points are added to your driving record. You will receive six demerit points if you are convicted of reckless driving. Moreover, speeding will get you 3 points and not driving on the right lane will get you four points.

Virginia DMV Point System and penalties are comparatively more aggressive than those of other states, and the people are very scrupulous in obeying the traffic laws so as to not facing any negative consequences. Regarding the motorists, penalties include one year of license suspension along with 50 hours of community service. With a view to get your driving record cleaned, you are supposed to show a good behavior while you are suffering negative points. However, if you choose to go against the traffic ticket rather than just pay the fine, it requires you to prove yourself not guilty during a court trial. Fighting a traffic ticket is generally troublesome and cause you face intermittent police probe and court summons. In this situation, you have a better option to fight your traffic ticket in a well manner, that is, to consider consulting a traffic lawyer who understands Virginia DMV Point System and penalties and is able to represent you in the court in a professional way.

The duration within which negative points remain on your driving record can depend on the severity of the conviction. There are two reasons which make DMV points important. First, the court and the police examine balance in your points and how it influences your way of driving. They will notice that either you are a good driver or a bad driver. Secondly, if you get more demerit points in a very short spend of time, your conviction will get more severe, and you will lose more your driving privilege. Mostly juveniles receive probationary jail for getting demerit points and require them to complete some judicial program to learn and obey traffic rules. However, many people are unaware of the existing laws and the consequences of their violation. They are unable to defend their innocence during court trials. Hiring a lawyer is a better option for them because only he knows how Virginia DMV Point System and penalties should be handled. In this way, he can help you get the demerit points reduced, and your case dismissed.