Richmond Virginia Prostitution And Solicitation Laws

The prostitution and solicitation laws are very strict in Virginia that every person needs to follow and up to date to save them from different types of penalties. Solicitation of the prostitution is basically is the request that is made by the one person to another person to perform any sexual activity in the exchanging of money, drugs anything which has a value. The penalties against this charge are based on the nature of crime it will be harsher according to the situation and crime’s nature. The person who charged with this crime must be able to understand all the nature of these charges and the defenses as well.

It does not include the completed act of the sexual conduct.  An offer or consent to complete any sexual activity just in exchange for the money, drugs etc. enough just to support the charge of solicitation. It means that there is the agreement of both parties are involved because one person offers and another person accepts the offer it means both parties are involved in this crime. This is the most basic type of prostitution and solicitation. So it is really important for you to know the prostitution and solicitation laws otherwise you can face different penalties for this.

Engaging In The Prostitution Act:

Under the state law of Richmond Virginia may face the charge of a misdemeanor because of engaging in the act of prostitution. According to the laws, the person is traditionally charged when a person is paid an amount or anything which have a value to engage in any sexual activity.

If the person is convicted of a first offense then the punishment will be misdemeanor it will be as follow.

  • The person may face the prison up to 93 days
  • They have to pay fine up to $500
  • They can face the combination of both jail and fines as well

The charges of the crime are increases with the subsequent charges. The second punishment can come with the following penalties.

  • The prison that can be more than 1 year in the jail
  • They have to pay fine that can be up to $1000
  • They may face the combination of both prison and the fine as well

After completing the one or more punishment you will face the charge of felony. The felony punishment increases to the penalties that are as follow.

  • More than 2 years in prison
  • Fine that can be up to $ 2000
  • Combination of both jail and fines as well

Solicitation Of Prostitution:

Any person who is engaging in the services of prostitution through solicitation and provides cash for the services will face the charge of a misdemeanor in Richmond Virginia. However, if the person to whom you are soliciting of prostitution was under the age of 18, you can face a harsh punishment if convicted. The charge of a felony for this act will come with the following penalties.

  • Prison of more than 5 years in the jail
  • Fine that can be up to $10,000
  • A combination of the jail and fines as well